CC Start SS

The Computer Chat title screen during Beta.


Hello, everybody! This is the official wiki for a product that I have made, called Computer Chat. Computer Chat is a completely free downloadable program that lets you chat and draw with your friends from anywhere that has internet! Computer Chat is currently in its Beta stage, but you can help it out! The website that I made for it,, can't go into that much detail, so I will put it all on this wiki. If you would like to use Computer Chat, do not hesitate to go to my website and follow the download instructions. I may add a download video to it, but right now I am very busy and probably won't until someone asks me to. If you have a request, I will definitely try my very best to add it and fill your needs. Computer Chat was made using a modded version (by billybob mario) of a scripting program called Scratch. (By M.I.T.'s Lifelong Kindergarten Group.) I am currently unsure of the name of this mysterious "billybob mario", but I may figure out soon. If you have a suggestion, bug/glitch report, comment, or anything else at all, feel free to post it at this wiki and watch others scramble over you to try and fix your spelling errors for wiki badges.

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