• This is the screen you have when not in a conversation. It's blurry from resizing.
  • This is the title screen. It also changes colors. Click "Chat" to start.

Welcome to the Computer Chat WikiEdit

Welcome to the Computer Chat Wiki, where people post stuff about Computer Chat, and help others in the process! Because Computer Chat is only in the Beta stage, we need you to give suggestions, inform me about bugs, and everything else on this wiki. But please, do not make nonsense posts/edits just to get wiki badges, because spam is obviously frowned upon in this establishment. (And it's against the rules.)

In DetailEdit

Computer Chat is a free program that you can download here. You use your friends' I.P. Addresses to instantly chat and draw with them! In future updates, I will add a game of Tic-Tac-Toe and a system that allows you to check if there are any updates, or if your best friend is online. If you would like to donate using Paypal, you can go to this link:

That link was hard to get in there. Anyway, Computer Chat is not exactly as good as Crysis in graphics, but I might hire a graphic artist soon. If anyone out there is a good graphic artist and has a reasonable price, I am willing to hire. :P

And don't worry, Computer Chat is completely free of viruses, and I can assure you that because my computer has been using this program for a very long time.

Latest activityEdit

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