Here is how to download Computer Chat:

I am going to add a video for downloading instructions, as soon as I get Fraps.

Step 1: Click the Slash Link.

Step 2: If you are a Windows user, click the third link, saying "Download Slash-Windows". If you have a different OS, click the "Download Slash Image" link and then go to the link on saying "Download Scratch" and find the download page for your OS and download it to make Slash work. It's hard, but it pays to have Windows.

Step 3: (For all Operating Systems) Next, right-click the "Slash [Version Here].zip" folder and unzip it. This makes it not take 2 minutes to load up every time you want to use it.

Step 4: Then, double-click Slash.exe and a window like this should pop up:

Step 5: You should keep that window up, because downloading Computer Chat will only take a second. Computer Chat Link

Step 6: Click on the link and wait for it to process your download request. Mediafire is popular, and it can take up to 30 seconds, depending on your connection speed. If your computer is laggy, it may take up to a minute.

Step 7: Click download.

Step 8: Open up the Slash window again, and click "File" in the upper left-hand corner. Then click "Open".

Step 9: A window should appear asking what to open. If you downloaded Computer Chat correctly, it should be in the "My Documents" section, and in the downloads folder. It will be a .ypr file.

Step 10: Find "Computer Chat" and double-click on it. This will open it.

Step 11: (In the next steps, I will show you how to connect to your friends using Computer Chat.) Click on the green flag in the middle-right part of the screen. This flag starts the connection. It should be next to a pause and a stop sign. Don't mess with the scripts on the left side. Every single one is necessary to the program's function.

Step 12: Once a friend has downloaded it, figure out who will host the mesh and who will join. Click on the Share/Host button to host the party. (Once you click the Share/Host button and press ok, you must click the green flag again for the changes to be completed.) Your I.P. Address will be shown, and you need to tell people the exact numbers and periods.

Step 13: When you are hosting the party, your friends will click the same button and will type in the I.P. Address you told them earlier. Then, voila! You are connected.

Step 14: Click the sign (It looks like a posterboard) that is above the stop sign. It puts you in Presentation Mode. This is so that you do not accidentally mess up the scripts or the buttons by accidentally dragging them when you only meant to click them.

Step 15: Type in your name, press enter, and type in what you want to type and press enter when you want to share it. You can draw by holding the mouse down on the top white screen, because the bottom white screen is what your neighbor is drawing. You can erase your screen by clicking "Clear". You can change the color and size of your pencil with the Size+/- or Color+/- buttons. You can see and edit contacts by clicking the "Contacts" button and going back to screen mode, which you can do by clicking the arrow button (It looks as if it is going back around) on the right side of the screen. You can't edit your Contacts while in Presentation Mode. In future versions, it will automatically switch to Presentation Mode, and automatically switch to Screen Mode when you need to edit your Contacts.

Well, that should about finish it. Have fun with Computer Chat!

-Cody Hergenroeder, CEO and Founder of H.E.

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